a creative project developed in 2021 and focused on youth engagement, creative storytelling and urban exploration, funded by the Young Urbanists Small Grant Scheme 2020/2021 organised by the Academy of Urbanism. 

This research identifies the need to look at the less engaged and focus on young Londoners from different ethnic backgrounds aged between 16 and 20 years, and offer them a free space to express themselves through creative engagement tools. This project researches the small data - the stories, lived experiences and observations on the everyday life that sometimes get overlooked but are often fundamental to uncover a deeper spirit of a place and reveal the realities of life. We recognise that  these insights provide an important resource especially when planning for the city’s recovery. 

Especially at the time when the lives of many of London’s young people have been severely impacted  by COVID-19, it is important to better understand their relationship with the city and how their experiences and desires might have changed..