#JaneGoesDigital: Jane's Walk London Festival 2020

Last  year’s Jane’s Walk London Festival was moved online as we had to suddenly rethink what urban experience, walking and local engagement looked like once we all got stuck in our homes and limited in our travels - introducing #janegoesdigital.

For the occasion, we organised a month-long programme of walks from home, talks on the street and home activities to pass on Jane’s legacy and principles, learn more about cities, praise the urban elements we love and find ways to become more active in shaping our communities and places. 

Guests of last year's talks on the street

We have also organised an online conversation on “Adapting the Public Space for the Future” as part of Architecture Foundation 100 day studio programme, discussing about temporary measures in the public space with Demetrio Scopelliti, Tactical Urbanistas, Athlyn Cathcart-Keays and Joel De Mowbray.