LDN X KL,  one year later 

May 4th, at 12:00pm BST - Insta live

A Live chat on Instagram as we celebrated Jane Jacobs’ birthday with our event in collaboration with Jane's Walk Kuala Lumpur  “A tale of two cities, One year later".

A year after our very first joint virtual walk and talk at the beginning of the pandemic. We had a catch up to reflect on how our cities have changed over the past years and discuss a few emerging urban concepts and how they could apply to London and Kuala Lumpur.

We’ve been stuck inside, had limited possibilities to enjoy our cities, rethought what we wanted from our urban spaces and are now in a better place to think about how to live our lives more sustainably and beautifully in cities

YOU(TH)scapes Zine Virtual Launch

with the Academy of Urbanism

May 6th, at 6:30pm BST - Zoom

YOU(TH)scapes is Jane's Walk London's research project and one of 2021 YU Small Grants Scheme recipients, funded by The Academy of Urbanism

It aimed to test community engagement approaches and demonstrate the value of lived experience through the qualitative collection of first-hand stories. Such stories can compliment the quantitative data, already so widely available, and inform research, policy, and wider discussion. 

An event to virtually launch of YOU(TH)scapes' zine, a collection of youth stories about London neighbourhoods produced by young citizens, and for a wider discussion around youth engagement in the city-making process.


NY x  LDN with M. Beaumont 

May 8th, at 5pm BST - Zoom

The Jane’s Walk NYC and Jane’s Walk London teams joined forces to host a conversation with author Matthew Beaumont about his recent book, The Walker: on Losing and Finding Yourself in a Modern City. In addition to discussing themes in Mr. Beaumont’s book, the Jane’s Walk audience will share about observations in their neighbourhoods. We asked all attendees to go on a walk in their area prior to the program, capturing a single photo of their wandering and adding it to this Google Jam Board to create a collage of walk observations that will be discussed! 


with the author C.R. Wolfe

May 9th, at 5pm BST - Zoom

Together with the Urbanism Book Club, Jane’s Walk London organised a book club session as part of the 2021 festival. We read Seeing the Better City: How to Explore, Observe and Improve Urban Spaceby Charles R. Wolfe. This book will help you be aware in all of your future walks and it will also inspire you to create positive urban change.

We are delighted to announce a book club discussion with the author, Charles R. Wolfe, himself.