Platform 10

An immersive sound walk along an abandoned train line in North London

by Jessica Sammut

Saturday May 7th and Sunday 8th, 11:00am - 4:00pm 

Walk Area: Parkland Walk, North London 

Walk starts at the Crouch End Hill entrance for Parkland Walk at N8 8DD 

What you need: Smartphone, access to mobile data, headphones*

*Note this walk is designed to be experienced with a headphones for the full effect. 

ℙ𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕞 𝟙𝟘 is an immersive sound walk set within North London’s Parkland Walk – a green corridor following an abandoned railway line. Along the way you will discover hidden stories, voices and rhythms of the Parkland Walk as you’re guided through an alluring commute starting at the derelict train platforms at Crouch End Hill (lookout for the bright coloured bench and orange handrail on the platform where you'll find a QR code for the experience).

Following narrated instructions, we invite you to join an audio experience where reality and fiction coexist through a collection of stories and sounds inspired by the memories and perspectives of Parkland Walk users. As you move, look and think in unison with the narrator, your sense of self is heightened but also put into question – whose reality are you embodying? Which sounds are constructed and which ones are real? 

The project aims to celebrate the Parkland Walk’s important role as a much-needed space to escape the city and speculates other such spaces across London. What are those spaces and how can we use storytelling, research and sound to celebrate and protect them?

The project aims to speculate the future of the Parkland Walk and does so by inviting the audience to tune in and join the project’s Listening Club, a free members group which aims to platform the voices of the surrounding community members through sound and radio.

Platform 10 is a project developed by a team of students on MA Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins. The project is led by Jessica Sammut, assisted by Leanne Finn-Davis, Teddy Godwin, Yutzu Lai, Chris Mademtzis, Jasmine Ouyang and Lucy McCullough. 

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Accessibility: #Uneventerrain #Breaks #Willusespeakers/voiceamplifications #Loudnoise

© Chris Mademtzis

Walworth Garden - © Izzy Gibbin

Walworth: Past, present, future 

Exploring the political history of the area

by Izzy Gibbin

Friday May 6th, 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Walk Area: Walworth

Walk starts at Social Life, 12a Peacock Yard, Iliffe Street, London SE17 3LH

This gentle walk will take us through Walworth’s radical past, present, and future. We will consider the political history of the area, and hear from community figures that are making their dreams for Walworth a reality.

We will start at Social Life’s office in Peacock Yard, where light refreshments will be offered, and end at Walworth Garden. Terrain will be flat throughout, except for Peacock Yard which is cobbled. Participants are encouraged to bring a sandwich to enjoy in the garden at the end of the walk.

Participants are invited to register in advance:

Izzy Gibbin is a Southwark-based social anthropologist. They work as a researcher with Social Life, exploring the relationship between the built environment and community sustainability.

Accessibility: #Seniorswelcome #Breaks

Melting City 

Exploring climate emergency in the City of London 

by Paul Lincoln

Friday May 6th, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Walk Area: City of London

Walk starts at The Shakespeare Pub, 2 Goswell Rd, Golden Lane Estate London EC1M 7AA

Starting with the Grade II listed Golden Lane Estate and walking by other key buildings in the area, this tour will encourage to debate on how the City of London and businesses in the Square Mile are acting on retrofit and climate emergency and  invite participants to discuss:

• how to deal with embodied carbon and poorly insulated housing

• who decides - residents or businesses on what is built and what is demolished?

Participants are asked to book in advance.

Paul Lincoln is a Golden Lane Estate resident and City of London guide. He is involved with Imagine Golden Lane at Net Zero: which campaigns to prepare the estate for a net zero future. 

Useful links: RetroFirst, a campaign by the Architects' Journal.

Accessibility: #Wheelchairfriendly #Seniorswelcome #fullyaccessible

Bastion House, London Wall, due for demolition - © Paul Lincoln

Fitzroy Park Allotments © Tim Peake

From Garden to Plate

A walk from Hampstead Heath to Tufnell Park

by Tim Peake

Saturday May 7th, 10:00am - 1:00pm

Walk Area: Hampstead Heath to Tufnell Park

Walk starts at Fitzroy Park Allotments, Fitzroy Park, Highgate, N6 6HU

From breakfast on Fitzroy Park allotments to an amble through Hampstead Heath via a farmers market and on to a shared co-created meal at a mystery location in Tufnell Park.

People are invited to bring one fresh favourite ingredient and dish recipe and to register in advance:

Born in Scotland, Tim Peake is an architect and designer. He is a UCL Development Planning Unit masters alumni and a PhD candidate researching inequality issues where he explores reoccurring themes in the urban community.

Accessibility: #Uneventerrain #Seniorswelcome #Breaks #Familiyfriendly #Bicycleswelcome

Trinity Buoy Wharf & Leamouth Peninsula

A Meeting of East London’s Arts, Culture & Heritage with the High-Rise Sprawl of the City

by Savini Rajapakse

Saturday May 7th, 11:00am - 12:30pm

Walk Area: East India DLR Station and Canning Town Tube Station, via Trinity Buoy Wharf and Leamouth Peninsula

Walk starts at East India DLR 

Trinity Buoy Wharf and Leamouth Peninsula are located in the ‘docklands’ area of East London. Here, the River Lea meanders around two hairpin bends before meeting the Thames, forming a distinct land feature that loosely resembles a thumbs-up. The area, sometimes referred to as ‘Bog Island’ used to be known for its inaccessibility, its isolated community, and its marshy terrain that would frequently flood.
As a result, this area has often not always been heavily occupied. Historically, it has served many unusual and varied uses – a naval base for Trinity House to manufacture buoys, a venue for Michael Faraday to conduct light experiments, the processing of soap from whale blubber, iron works, glass works, various other industrial uses and now, a lively creative hub housing a variety of artists and craftspeople. 
Today, this is no longer an inaccessible bog. Development of this area is well advanced – with foot-bridges creating connections to the DLR and Jubilee lines, and London’s east-ward expansion rapidly catching up. The urban renewal that is taking place now is likely to be one of the most dramatic changes in the history of this site.  

Savini Rajapakse works as a designer on various town-planning projects in the UK and internationally, and is passionate about designing safe and inclusive public spaces that add vibrancy to communities of all kinds. 

Useful link: The Wharf by Rupert Murray

Accessibility: #Uneventerrain #Breaks #Bicycleswelcome #Seniorswelcome

© Savini Rajapakse

Sketch of Satu Mare early 1900s © Ioana Tamas

Between the sacred and profane

Wren and Hawksmoor in the Square Mile 

by  Ioana Tamas

Sunday May 8th, 11:00am - 1:00pm

Walk Area: Square Mile

Walk starts at the stairs at Christ Church Spitafields, Commercial St, London E1 6LY

Walk and sketch tour to a few of these churches to discover the history behind these beautiful buildings: Christ Church in Spitafields, St Mary Woolnoth and St James Garlickhythe. People are asked to bring their own sketching materials and all levels are welcomed.

Ioana Tamas studied architecture and worked for the City of London Corporation.

Accessibility: #Seniorswelcome #Breaks


The Stone & The Cows

by Adrienne Alher 

Sunday May 8th, 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Walk Area: Leytonstone

Walk starts at Leytonstone Underground Station

Leytonstone has a great environmental- conscious community and is also very united and supportive of initiatives that will help the area become more ecofriendly and part of a more inclusive economy. The walks will showcase the many actions/places that make Leytonstone quite special. The 90 minutes walk is divided into sections, to allow people at different energy levels to attend whatever walk section they feel comfortable:• The stone walk (4 stops) • The Cow walk (3 stops)

Adrienne Alher is a Leytonstone resident, volunteer and business owner. 

Accessibility: #Uneventerrain #Seniorswelcome #Breaks #Familiyfriendly #PetFriendly #Bicycleswelcome

Bluebells © Adrienne Alher